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we are different

The Reasons we are different

All of us live around the farm-yard, in the middle of the farm, surrounded by fields, animals, birds, playgrounds and waterfalls; its very easy to get to know everyone and the kids find friends in no time.


We are a 100 acres authentic working farm, we breed many different animals & birds and we invite our guests to JOIN US in every aspect of our daily farming work, – actively or only watching -, as much or as little as they wish; its not a show & there is no obligation.

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We live here in a completely DIFFERENT WORLD, on Llanllwni Mountain, designated SPECIAL LANDSCAPE AREA, where time has stopped since the 17th century, NO FUMES, NO NOISE, “away from it all” but only 1 mile away from the A485 and the rest of the world! with plenty of tourist attractions around

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Last but most significant is OUR SERVICE which genuinely comes from the heart because we enjoy it. Kay & Gamal, who spent the last 20 years creating and improving the business, love to invite you to browse through the TripAdvisor reviews to find out for yourself.quote3


Special Acknowledgements

Fantastic place! We stayed over Easter 2014 and it was a wonderful week. Not your typical commercial holiday destination (no pressure of any kind!) Very much a family farm, well equipped, with beautiful traditional stone cottages which form a courtyard like area. Absolutely peaceful and quiet as the play areas for children are at a good distance from the cottages. Going round feeding the animals is not compulsory but it is a must as it is a real delight to stroll calmly around the farm. To see the children faces going round doing the feeding, collecting eggs, having fun and learning! on the fresh air is just great. My little girl stills remember what each animals eats and needs after all this months! She befriended a chicken (Esther) and we are bound to go back and check on her! Highly recommended.
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Instead of getting stuck on one beach for the whole holiday, you can do one beach a day, then back to Peace, Fresh Mountain Air & PLAY GROUNDS and not have to worry if it suddenly RAINS!


Nearby Attractions

Carmarthenshire is named the GARDEN OF WALES Attractions around us include; National Botanic Garden, Our world famous Castles, Picturesque Beaches, Historical Museums, Old Wool Mills, Gold Mines and MUCH More.

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