For home educators - toddlers playing with the kitchen in the play-barn

For Home Schoolers

Some years ago, 2 families – 4 parents and 7 children – rented The Old Water Mill cottage for a fortnight, this was when we came in contact with home education. We were impressed!

Every morning, they all came out and joined other children in our day’s work on the farm. In minutes they mingled with other children – and the parents with other parents – and we started feeding the birds and the animals. Everywhere we went, they bombarded us with questions and we bombarded them with answers and soon the other children joined in the discussion and it developed to a debate more lively than PM question time. (For more information please go to our For Children section.Cwmiar-Home-Educators-03


By mid-day we had finished the feeding jobs and they went back to their cottage for a well–deserved lunch. In the afternoon, they were out again, playing and running everywhere. A couple of days later, I visited them to make sure that everything was alright; I found them in the middle of schooling.

They also told me that they found the spacious Club House ideal for sort of educational exercises; what a wonderful way to learn!