Toddlers Feeding Chickens

Toddler Friendly Farm Holidays

All children are special for us, but toddlers are extra special at Cwmiar.

They should be given every chance to meet other toddlers, play and make friends with them, which they can do here.

We have allocated one of the play areas especially for them, so that they can play without being bothered by the older children in the general playground, there is a Wendy house, climbing frame, sandpit, slide and swings as well as a see-saw and some tricycles for them to ride.

Toddler Friendly Holiday Cottages
Cwmiar is a toddlers’ paradise.


Quite often little ones are afraid of the animals at first, but after a few days – without being pushed – they are feeding and stroking them just like everyone else.

In the stable yard there are scooters – always popular – and push-along Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine, so that the little ones are not bored when older brothers and sisters are doing whatever needs to be done with the horses, dogs and cats; although they can join in too if they want to.Toddlers playing with scooters and toys in the stable yard

Because the cottages are all situated around the farmyard, it isn’t far for toddlers to come to feed or see the animals, so they don’t get too tired. After their morning or afternoon nap they can go to see the animals again, play in the Toddlers’ playground or in the spacious Play-Barn, where there are plenty of toys and games to keep them amused, probably with other children as well: a toy kitchen, a Bob the Builder work bench, a skittle set, even a mini table tennis table if they like to play with a bat and ball! No need for mums to get bored either – there’s a wide screen TV and DVD player – and a CD player for those who prefer to listen to music.

Toddlers playing skittles in the play-barn
Toddlers playing skittle

If you want to go out, there are many places of interest for all the family to visit within a reasonable driving distance, so that you can go out in the morning and be back in time for lunch and the little one to have a nap and then go to play again, regardless of the weather.