Children with Rocky the Dog

For Families with Special Needs

This is the experience of one mum who has returned to us time and time again.  Jacob was a year old when they first holidayed at Cwmiar; he has physical disabilities and is also profoundly deaf.

“The first morning Kay knocked on the door and asked if the children were ready to feed the animals, I explained that Jacob might struggle without mom and dad, I was reassured he’d be fine, I anxiously agreed for Jacob to go with Kay, I paced The Mill House for what seemed like an age, it was in fact, about 5 minutes! We walked to the duck pond, and there was Jacob getting ready to walk up the hill to feed the chickens with Gamal, It was a lovely feeling to think our son had been “accepted” here. Our holidays at Cwmiar just keep getting better, our children play happily in the playgrounds, the pony fun day is not to be missed, and the interaction the children have with the animals is great, Kay and Gamal have achieved a great deal in making Cwmiar a truly amazing place.”

Over the years we have been host and hostess to innumerable children, some of whom have special needs for different reasons and to varying degrees, one or two of them proving to be quite a ‘challenge’, but rest assured that they are always welcome here and we will do our utmost to ensure that they and their parents can enjoy their holiday.

What goes for children also goes for adults. To be accepted by other people and to be able to mingle with them, farming with them and socializing with them in the Club House or by the general BBQ or for an EASTER, XMAS or NEW YEAR celebration, could recharge them with confidence and make them very happy for a long time.

Disabled Man with the Cowsdisabled dad playing table football with son


We are dog friendly – of course, but we are also a working farm with lots of animals & birds all over the place. So, dogs must be on the lead every time you take them out of the cottage. There are places where your dogs can run freely. So far it’s worked very well.

We embrace children with special needs.
Gamal and this young man became good friends.