Children Visit the Cows

Child Friendly Holidays on Cwmiar Farm

Cwmiar is a traditional 100 acres WORKING FARM that dates back to the middle ages, with many different animals and birds to breed and take care of – it is not a show. We invite everyone to Farm with us for real, as much or as little as they want.



We start our farming day at 9ish am from the stable yard, and finish in the evening, with several breaks, so the children can play and enjoy socializing with new found friends. It is a mixture of Farming & Playing ALL DAY

We are dog friendly – of course, but we are also a working farm with lots of animals & birds all over the place. So, dogs must be on the lead every time you take them out of the cottage. There are places where your dogs can run freely. So far it’s worked very well.

All of the Cottages lie inside the Farm around the yard

Paradise for Children

Those Rascals; you can only love them. We invite the children (and their parents) to join us in all aspects of our daily farming work, as much or as little as they like.

We meet in the stable yard about 9 am. The children are encouraged to feed the animals themselves so that they feel part of the action with certain responsibilities; they always love that. They will gain confidence and learn how to deal with different animals appropriately, which later on will influence their way with people.

Everyone is given an empty ice-cream pot to put the feed in and is encouraged to take part in preparing the different feed for different animals and birds.

Just before dusk, we give the pigs their second meal, inspect the chickens and shut them in their house, safe from the fox.

There is much much more to farming than just feeding the animals; such as moving animals to a field  with longer grass; bringing them in for treatment; helping shoe the horses; shearing the sheep or foot trimming the cattle. In August/September we cut the grass and put it in big bales to feed it to the animals when they need it  – and you are invited to be with us as long as you wish