Mountain Biking

For Cyclists

Carmarthenshire County is well known as “the garden of Wales”. It rises from the sea in the south and climbs up to the foothills of the Cambrian Mountain range in the north, with rolling green hills, winding rivers and streams.

Carmarthenshire is an exciting newcomer to the sport of cyclists, for lovers of family cycling of all abilities – from those who fancy some relaxed family cycling, up to the adrenalin junkies, there are several routes with maps and guides. (You will find plenty of information about the routes and trails in the shop at Cwmiar).

Cycling in Cwmiar:- Cwmiar is a 100 acre grazing farm on the slope of Llanllwni Mountain. Our guests are welcome to cycle on our track which is ¾ mile and runs between our fields, where our sheep and welsh black cattle graze.

cycle past our cattleThey can watch what goes on in a real working farm or have a race to claim a trophy of a Cwmiar Welsh Black Beef burger.

Our track is private, not open to general traffic; because the safety of our guests is paramount we impose speed limits of 10mph and nearer to the cottages 5mph.


Cycling on top of the worldCycling on Llanllwni Mountain is a wonderful way to enjoy this unique environment which is second to none – peaceful, quiet and with very little traffic – drivers need to go slowly to avoid running over ponies, foals, cattle, sheep, lambs which roam freely on the mountain roads. It’s like cycling on top of the world with 360 degree panoramic views.

For more serious cycling, there is of course Brechfa Forest; which has been purposely developed for walking, horse riding, off-road biking and cycling, with cycling trails for inexperienced to the most experienced riders:


The Raven (black) Hard climbs, natural single track, roots, rock gardens, berms, table tops and much more. There’s something for everyone, with easier options for the first timer and sections to test even the most experienced riders time and again.

The Gorlech (red) Fast berms, table tops and long swooping descents with alternative options around the tricky stuff if you’re building up your skills. The climbs are rewarded with great views and incredible down hills. You can ride this over and over – it’ll ride differently every time.
The Derwen (green & blue) A brilliant introduction to mountain biking. This route pumps and jumps through the lower levels of the forest keeping climbing to a minimum but rewarding the efforts you do put in. A real ‘fun for all’ trail and worth riding whatever your skill level. Perfect for young families and beginners but great for experi enced riders too.
If you like, our neighbour, Jason is a fully qualified MIAS Mountain Bike Guide/Instructor. He offers guiding days to “exclusive” groups (not mixed with people they won’t know). This way he can tailor make each guiding day to their specific requirements Jason can collect and deliver back to Cwmiar included in the following prices:-
Prices for a day’s guiding with Jason are as follows:

  • £95 for up to 2 guests
  • £125 for up to 4 guests
  • £195 for up to 6 guests
  • £250 for up to 8 guests

Please note:
d) The above prices exclude bike hire which, if required is as follows:-

We are delighted to be able to offer our BRAND NEW hire fleet!

  • 1 day = £40 per bike (1-3 bikes) or £35 per bike (4-6 bikes)
  • 2-4 days = £35 per bike per day (1-3 bikes) or £30 per bike per day (4-6 bikes)
  • 5-7 days = £30 per bike per day (1-6 bikes)

If you require bike hire please book well in advance! We will need to know:

a) Number of bikes required
b) Number of days each bike is required
c) Which days bike hire is required
d) The height of each rider

Payment for hire bikes is in cash on arrival.

If you are a dedicated cyclist, or just like to enjoy nature at its best, cycling alone or cycling with fiends or if you fancy trying this “Family Cycling”, bring your bikes – or hire them here – you certainly won’t regret it.