For home educators - toddlers playing with the kitchen in the play-barn

For Home Educators

Home education can be very effective, even more effective than some schools BUT there will always one thing missing; the experience of being with other children in the school and learning how to cope. Cwmiar could be an opportunity to catch up on that.

With 6 self catering holiday cottages, sleeping up to 46 persons, all living around the farm yard, the children get to know each other in no time and practice how to cooperate with others.

If you are home educating your child and need any information or help, these websites may be useful for you.

Cwmiar is a working farm, created during the MIDDLE AGES and has been operating ever since – an educational treasure on its own; how did those people – without machines – manage to cut out those huge stones, transport them to a lovely sheltered spot on the Mountain and built a large farm house, 5 farm outbuildings and a water mill, without mortar? It reminds us of the pyramids! How did they irrigate a large farm etc. etc?. is another story for the children to enjoy learning.


We invite everyone to FARM WITH US for REAL, and to take an active part in every aspect of our daily farming work, not only to feed few animals and then you are on your own. The children learn a lot about nature and its inhabitants – first hand.

Cwmiar is surrounded by many educational places of interest within reasonable driving distance; the NATIONAL BOTANIC GARDEN, THE GOLD MINES, LOCAL TRADITIONAL HONEY & CHEESE & CHOCOLATE & FURNITURE factories and wool mills and so on.

Our CLUB HOUSE is large enough to accommodate all our holiday makers. It is well equipped for kids and parents and can also be used for any other gathering.

Being a part of the LLANLLWNI MOUNTAIN, a protected Special Landscape Area, the open space to walk, play and explore is almost unlimited. We are happy to provide you with ideas and educational material for you and your kids to enjoy and explore this special Mountain.

We are dog friendly – of course, but we are also a working farm with lots of animals & birds all over the place. So, dogs must be on the lead every time you take them out of the cottage. There are places where your dogs can run freely. So far it’s worked very well.