Childrens' Pony Days

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

We are very fortunate to have plenty of open space here, where children can enjoy the freedom of running around without parents having to worry about the danger of cars and traffic. Cars are only allowed into the farm-yard for loading and unloading on Saturdays (or in exceptional circumstances), and the main reason for our imposing a 10 mph speed limit on the track, down to 5 mph nearer to the homestead, is for the safety of the children.

We passionately believe that playing and socializing are essential to enable children to grow into happy, successful and decent members of tomorrow’s society. That is why we have developed our farm to what it is now – a paradise for little people.

Cwmiar-From-the Air

Children like to make new friends and at Cwmiar Farm they can do that very easily. Sometimes, both parents and children make friends with another family and come here several years running to enjoy their holidays together.

The clubhouse

Some parents have told us that if it rains it’s not such a problem when children are older, because their parents can take them out for the whole day, to one of the numerous places of interest nearby;  but with toddlers it’s different, they need to come back at lunch time to have a proper lunch and much needed ‘siesta’.  So, with this in mind, we decided to build an indoor play area, not only for them, but for older children as well. As usual, we got somewhat carried away and have ended up with a ‘club-house’ or, as some of the children call it, a ‘play-barn’ where parents can relax, play and socialize too.

Across the millpond to the club-house/play-barn and patios of Millpond and Miller's cottages.Indoor activities - playing darts and snooker in the club-house/play-barn.

No more do our guests have to stay in their cottage, not knowing what to do with their bored children and no need either, for children to stay all day in their cottage watching TV.  We have four outdoor play areas.

The main playground

Suitable for children up to 100 years young..

Main Playground

Especially for Toddlers

Another playground is especially for toddlers, where the little ones can run, ride, climb, swing & play in the Wendy-house or sand-pit, without the older children, who are not always so careful with little ones. There are also tables & benches, so that parents can sit and have a cup of coffee or even a picnic with their children if they wish.

Outdoor activities - Toddlers' Playground from across the mill wheel

For Ball Games

The third play area is for playing ball games, it is actually the manege (approx 60m x 30m) – so it’s a soft landing for any falls and as we don’t get much time for riding the horses, it’s usually available for the children and often dads too when they’re playing football, rugby, volleyball or badminton. Guests often organize matches: children against children or parents & children against parents & children.

Ball Games Ball Games

Mini Tennis

The fourth play area is for mini tennis, basket ball etc.

Llanllwni Mountain

In addition to all of these there is the outstanding Llanllwni Mountain (open moorland), which is designated a ‘Special Landscape Area‘, a few yards from the cottages, where you can walk, run, climb, paddle in the stream, watch the sheep, cattle and ponies that roam freely up there, as well as birds – buzzards, kites, larks, and a huge heron who fishes in our ponds.  Peace, tranquility and its 360 degree panoramic views make you feel as though you are on the top of the world, away from it all, a unique place to wind down, physically and mentally.

Time to Relax

Flying kites up there is also great fun. (Obviously, young children should be accompanied by an adult). A mum told me recently that when she took her two little boys to the mountain, they asked her what that strange smell was, to which she replied, “That’s the smell of fresh air, boys.”!

A wheelchair user


You don’t have to climb up to the plateau at the top of the mountain,  which takes 30 minutes -to eternity depending on your circumstances – you can drive the car out of the farm, then left and left and left again and after few minutes you are there, to set your children free to run and scream and explore, to fly kites or to take photos of a real Red Kite flying above them and with a little bit of luck below them. That is when you get the rare opportunity to see and photograph the magnificent red colouring of its back, hence the RED KITE. You can take a cup of tea or a picnic with you or you can take your bikes and have a jolly good family cycle ride for as long as you like.

Red Kite ChickRed Kite Wales BBC Photo

Have you ever enjoyed the scenery on a mountain in a horse-driven cart? Or ridden a horse across open moorland on a mountain – no bridle ways and no cars? You certainly can, if you spend your holiday in one of our cottages.

Riding at Cwmiar

Pony Fun Days

We also have an arrangement with the local riding stables to hold pony fun days here; boys and girls who would like to, can learn how to brush the ponies, put on saddles and bridles and do lots of riding and gymkhana games – good fun is had by all – beginners and experienced riders alike. If anyone would like to have a lesson or hack out, that can be arranged as well.

Pony Fun Days start just before 11 o’clock, when Yvonne the instructress brings some of her ponies here and they take over our stables and the manage for the day. Yvonne is brilliant at bringing out the confidence of even the most timid children, and amazingly copes with all standards of ability and ages, from 3 year-olds to 18 year-olds (we even had a grandma join in one day); and they all have a wonderful time.

Whilst the ponies are in the stables the children are told a bit about the one they are going to ride and are shown how to brush them and put on saddles and bridles. Then they all go to the manage, where they are taught how to get on and to walk and trot and do a few exercises whilst they’re on board’ so that they realize they can move about whilst they’re on the pony.

They also learn a bit about stable management what horses eat etc. After a short lunch break they spend the afternoon playing gymkhana games and even doing some jumping if they want to.

Mums and dads have a great time too, by leading, holding on and cheering on, as appropriate. By 3.30 the children have been presented with their rosettes, everyone has had a memorable day and is assured of a good night’s sleep

Barbecues:– When you spend your holiday here, you will find out that having a barbecue whilst enjoying the scenery is actually a must.  Each cottage has its own portable BBQ, in addition there is the ‘Social BBQ’ – 4 BBQ’s built next to each other and overlooking the pond and the mountain. It is built with all sort of parties in mind – only for our guests;  weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc. or for anyone who likes to have a “barby” while relaxing and listening to the water flowing over the waterfall out of the pond and quietly watching ponies, cattle sheep & lambs roaming freely on the mountain or red kites, hawks and all sort of birds flying – sometimes the crows and kites have a disagreement and it is amazing to see how they dive and turn; it’s just heavenly.

BarbecueBarbecue 2