Llanllwni Mountain


Cwmiar nestles in its own secluded valley on the South West slope of Llanllwni Mountain (open moorland), which is designated a ‘Special Landscape Area‘. It is only a few yards from the cottages, where you can walk, run, climb, and paddle in various streams; a wonderful place for flying a kite. It is home to sheep, cattle and ponies that roam freely up there, as well as birds – buzzards, red-kites, sky-larks, and a huge heron who fishes in our ponds. It offers peace, tranquility and a feeling of being on the top of the world, a unique place to wind down, physically and mentally.

Llanllwni Mountain - great for flying kites

Llanllwni Mountain is “A Special Landscape Area” in Carmarthen County – the declared Garden of Wales; it’s smooth hills are covered with grass and heather, making driving about a relaxing and enjoyable experience. There are several reasons for designating our beautiful Llanllwni Mountain “A Special Landscape Area”, such as being really unspoilt, quiet, peaceful and a bonanza for bird watchers (click for page), but the outstanding reason must be its 360 degree panoramic views which makes you feel on the top of the world, away from it all.

Llanllwni mountain - accessible for wheelchair users

Flying kites up there is also great fun. (Obviously, young children should be accompanied by an adult). A mum told me recently that when she took her two little boys to the mountain, they asked her what that strange smell was, to which she replied, “That’s the smell of fresh air, boys.”!

You don’t have to climb up to the plateau at the top of the mountain – which takes 30 minutes to eternity depending on your circumstances – you can drive the car out of the farm, then left and left and left again and after few minutes you are there, to set your children free to run and scream and explore, to fly kites or to take photos of a real Red Kite flying above them and with a little bit of luck below them. This is when you get the rare opportunity to see and photograph the magnificent red colouring of its back, hence the RED KITE. You can take a cup of tea or a picnic with you or you can take your bikes and have a jolly good family cycle ride for as long as you like.

Red Kite ChickRed Kite Wales BBC Photo - Llanllwni mountain

Cycling on top of the worldHave you ever enjoyed the scenery on a mountain in a horse-driven cart? Or ridden a horse across open moorland on a mountain – no bridle ways and no cars? You certainly can, if you spend your holiday in one of our farm holiday cottages.

Horse-riding on Llanllwni mountain


More picture of Llanllwni Mountain